Guest In Your Pulpit - Diane Diachishin

Rev. Diane Diachishin has been a Unitarian Universalist for 30 years. She currently serves as resident part- time minister for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Rock Tavern, NY. After retiring as a public school music educator, she was ordained as an interfaith minster by All Faith's Seminary , in 2022. She was inspired by chairing her Sunday service Ministry in Rock Tavern for 10+ years. It was in coordinating these services that she developed a love and respect for the wisdom found in all the world's religions.
She lives-in the Hudson Valley, close to where the late Pete Seeger lived for many years. Grateful for the opportunity to attend many jam sessions with him, she was inspired by his using the power of song to energize and build community. Whenever appropriate for the program, she adds her voice and guitar skills as a guest in the pulpit.

Service Descriptions

  • Aging as a Spiritual Path - What steps can we take to cultivate a more positive view of growing older? A look into reframing aging with purpose, joy and spiritual courage.
  • We All Churn Inside - The many ways we experience the universal bond of love, from eros to agape. This sermon is about love- between humans, animals, nature, and our own faith communities. It looks at our mutual needs for love, how we are all interconnected, no matter what the species.
  • Practice Gratitude -Dayenu: A Global Perspective - Rituals of thankfulness through the eyes of different cultures and world religions- being mindful of intrinsic gifts all year long, and cultivating a daily ritual of gratitude.
  • Nurturing the Beloved Community - The importance of nurturing and of building a strong, supportive community in order to collectively face the challenges, when doing social justice work. Inspired by the work of Martin Luther King, this explains how King used caring circles in order to sustain the civil rights workers he inspired.

Availability: Virtually or within 100 miles of Wallkill, NY in spring and fall.

Fee arrangements: Standard Ordained Interfaith Minister.

Contact: Email Diane Diaschishin,