Guest in Your Pulpit - Rev. Dave Hunter

Guest in Your Pulpit

Rev. Dave Hunter. After 20 years as an active member of the UU Church of Arlington, VA, and 25 years as a voting rights lawyer in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, I went back to school to study for the UU ministry, interning with the UU Congregation of Princeton, and graduating, in 2003, from Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington DC. I served congregations in New Jersey, Maryland, and Arkansas, before retiring in 2011 and returning to the Philadelphia area. My wife, the Rev. Kerry Mueller and I were the co-consulting ministers for the UUs of Gettysburg, PA, from 2012 to 2017, and, after another year of retirement, we are now the co-consulting ministers for the UU Fellowship of Pottstown, PA. They retired from this position in June of 2022.updated viol

Availability: Willing to travel two to three hours from Newtown Square, PA. Also available for virtual worship services.

Contact: Email Rev. Dave Hunter at