Guest In Your Pulpit - John Freund

Guest in Your Pulpit

John Freund enjoys creating a cohesive worship experience—verses, readings, music, sermon. Any service can be adapted to accommodate your service structure. He is a musician—songwriting, vocal, piano, Hammond organ, guitar. If you have house musicians, he'd love to collaborate. Or - he can just give you a sermon. :)

John uses the Seven Principles as a touchstone for themes like Emergence and Truth, the Wheel of the Year, Grace, Understanding, Justice, Community, and Conscience.

This PDF has synopses, a sermon MP3, and a video clip from UUMNY2014 of a live performance of one of my hymns.

Availability: Virtually or within 100 miles (2 hour drive max) from Ridgefield Park, NY. Farther if accommodations for Saturday night are provided. Staying with a member of the congregation is fine, and frankly, preferred. I like to meet people.

Contact: John Freund can be reached at