Guest In Your Pulpit - Pat Lamanna

Guest in Your Pulpit

Pat Lamanna is an award-winning songwriter and folk singer. She has presented musical services on a variety of topics at UU congregations in many parts of the Northeastern United States, and in two Unitarian congregations in London, UK. Pete Seeger invited her to sing with him, praised her songs, and sings part of one of them on his spoken word album, The Storm King.


  • Living Legacy Pilgrimage - In October 2022, Pat Lamanna and Richard Mattocks visited civil rights sites in Memphis, TN and Jackson MS with the group "Living Legacy." In a multimedia show, they present pictures, songs and stories about the civil rights movement and the landmarks they visited.
  • Malvina Reynolds—Perhaps best known for penning “Little Boxes” and “Turn Around,” Malvina Reynolds was a Unitarian songwriter whose topical songs, written mostly in the 1950s – 1970s, were startlingly prescient, as well as clever and insightful. Pat shares the songs and writings of this amazing woman.
  • Peace Pilgrim—Abandoning her home and identity, Peace Pilgrim crisscrossed the U.S on foot for 28 years, speaking about peace between nations, among individuals, and the most important inner peace. Pat tells her story, sings her songs, and gives an update on how this remarkable woman’s memory is honored in her home town today.
  • Commies in the Catskills: The Story of Camp Woodland—Camp Woodland was a summer camp known for collecting folk songs of New York’s Catskill Mountain region (and the place where Pete Seeger learned “Guantanamera"). The children who attended (Pat included) learned values and ideals which are nicely summed up in our own Seven (oops, I mean Eight) Principles. Come prepared to sing!
  • Songs of the Women's Suffrage Movement—To celebrate the centennial of Women’s Suffrage, Pat gives an overview of the 78-year struggle, presenting historical, original and contemporary songs and stories infused with passion, drama and humor.
  • Pete Seeger and the Eight Principles—Pete Seeger manifested every one of the UU values and principles in his long and exemplary lifetime, and there's a great Pete Seeger song for every one of them.
  • Hiroshima: City of Peace—With her partner, Richard Mattocks, the story of the bombing of Hiroshima is told in song and story. They then describe how Hiroshima vowed to devote itself to ending the scourge of nuclear weapons forever.

Availability: Varies, please contact for arrangements. Also available to present services virtually.

Fee arrangements: Whatever your congregation standard fee for presenters is.

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