CER Blogs, YouTube and Social Media

The following are blogs from Central East Regional Group (CERG) and District Staff and various Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) blogs.

  • Consider Becoming a Chalice Lighter

    Central East Region of the UUA

    From Better Together
    Do you know about the Central East Region's Chalice Lighter Program?The CER Chalice Lighter Grant Program uses the spark of small, regular contributions...
  • A Time to Gather Around the Hearth-fires

    Lenore Bajare-Dukes

    From Better Together
    At this time of year – I feel a deep, almost primal impulse to huddle around a hearth-fire, spending time with people dear to me.
  • Looking for UU Community?
    From Better Together
    Are you looking for a UU Community that you can join for a short time? An immersive weekend or week-long experience?...

More from Better Together

  • Better Together—A blog by the staff of the Central East Region featuring congregations and clusters who are doing things well together.

  • Blue Boat—Blog of the UUA Office of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry.

  • Stewardship for UUs—Blog by the UUA Stewardship Team

  • Side of Love—Blog of the UUA's Side of Love program.

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