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Learn about the CER Primary Contact Program

By Central East Region of the UUA

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The Central East Regional (CER) has a primary contact staff system to ensure our congregations know who to reach out to for assistance. Every CER congregation and community has a UUA Staff Member who serves as your Primary Contact for all services of the region and the UUA.

Primary Contact Program

Calendar - View the congregations and clusters calendar. You can request to add your congregation's events to this calendar.

There are several types of networks and groups in our region.

Clusters—In our region, we assist our congregations to strengthen their ties with other congregations in clusters. These clusters are based on geography. Congregations may choose which cluster they are in and may change if they wish. Our primary contacts are assigned mostly on the basis of clusters.

Affinity Networks are congregations who share a particular interest or characteristic and want to work with other congregations with the same interest or characteristic. Affinity Networks might include large congregations, small congregations, Appalachian congregations, congregations focused on a particular social justice issue. If you’d like to develop a relationship with congregations who are doing similar things or are like you in some way, contact your regional staff. There may already be a group to join or we can connect you to new partners.

Advocacy Groups are state based legislative groups that advocate in their states for change. These are independent groups the region helps to support by providing information about their activities to our congregations.

Professional Chapters are chapters of UU professional groups such as UU Minister's Association (UUMA), Liberal Religous Educators (LREDA), Association of UU Administrators (AUUA), UU Musicians Network (UUMN) and UU Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP).

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