Gould Discourse

Josephine Gould with children

The Josephine Gould Discourse is named for former district religious educator and author Josephine T. Gould. The Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association St. Lawrence Chapter sponsors the event, which is held the Friday of the weekend of the St. Lawrence District Annual Assembly. Past speakers select an outstanding ministerial colleague to offer the discourse each year. Discoursers often invite a prepared response from another ministerial colleague or a professional religious educator.

About Josephine Gould

Josephine T. Gould (1908 – October 19, 1982), a leader in the professionalization of religious education, served Unitarian Universalism both locally and nationally by developing curricula, educating teachers and leading conferences. She was also active in the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The St. Lawrence District lending library was named The Gould District Library in her husband Lawrence Gould’s honor and contains many volumes that were originally in their personal library. Read more about Josephine Gould.

Discourse Presentations

The list of Discourse presentations is below. You can read the full text online, or download a PDF file of the text. For more recent discourses, you can also view a video of the presentation.