Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Kim D. Wilson

Rev. Kim D. Wilson is from Bethlehem, PA. Learn more at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Poconos.

Service Descriptions:

  • The Huguenots: Religious Integrity at All Costs - the untold story of important religious forebears
  • The Psychic Wounds of War  the high incidence of soldiers’ trauma is a social justice issue
  • The Chicken in the Egg on transformation of ourselves and our communities
  • The Search for the Historical Jesus exploring who the real Jesus was
  • What is Spirituality?
  • Got Faith? - What it means and the difference between tested and untested faith
  • A White Mother's White Privilege on the realities of being a mother of color
  • The Kindness of a Stranger reminders of our essential connnectedness

Availability: Within two hours of Bethlehem, PA

Contact: Email Rev. Wilson at