Guest In Your Pulpit - Mikki Baloy

Guest in Your Pulpit

Mikki Baloy has studied with shamans from around the world including Q’ero elders in Peru. Both intuitive and grounded, her approach fuses indigenous traditions with yoga, Buddhism, and almost three decades of creative training as a performer, writer, and musician. She was the Director of a 9/11 foundation in New York City, and helped create and maintain programs to assist many thousands of people—while undertaking her own healing journey. She is the author of Hallowed Underground: Sacred Hope and Healing in Dark Times, which describes her recovery from PTSD, depression, divorce, and sexual assault, and she has been featured in two books about post-disaster resiliency. Mikki is also a yoga teacher and minister of animism, leading retreats, ceremonies, and other heart-centered community gatherings while maintaining a private practice in Rockland County.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Fire ceremony: outdoor gathering to release old energies and welcome new intentions (new or full moons, Solstices and Equinoxes, special occasions)
  • Despacho: Andean-style mandala, collective prayer bundle of flowers and other materials created by and for the community
  • Weddings, baby blessings, other rites of passage
  • Full- or half-day programs on shamanism, connecting with nature and the elementals, the Munay-Ki blessings from Peru, or other topics
  • Sermons on selected topics including shamanism in the 21st Century, our ancestors, grief as a communal ritual, honoring our individual gifts, and more

Availability: Anytime of the year, within 100 miles of Nyack, NY.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines. (see the main page for details)

Contact: Email Mikki Baloy at