Guest in Your Pulpit - Matt Watroba

Guest in Your Pulpit

Matt Watroba is a community song leader. Inspired by a radio interview he did with Pete Seeger in 2008, Matt has devoted much of his performing career getting folks to experience the spiritual and scientific benefits of group singing. Matt has worked with the UU program, the Living Legacy Project as the singer on the bus visiting iconic stops along the Civil Rights Trail in Mississippi and Alabama for over three years. He is an engaging speaker and inspired performer of American Roots Music.

Services Offered

  • The Power Of Singing, The Power Of Song - This interactive program explores the scientific and spiritual benefits of singing for all voices. It also explores the role music, singing, and song have shaped the course of history.

Matt often performs concerts at the church the same weekend as a service.

Availability: Varies depending on other area performances. Available for virtual services.

Fee arrangements: The standard honorarium for your church, may request home hospitality for Saturday night depending on distance.

Contact: Email Matt Watroba at