Guest In Your Pulpit - Karen Tibbals

Guest in Your Pulpit

Karen Tibbals holds an MA in Religion from Earlham School of Religion. She has written a book on how to talk to others in a way that is more civil, productive and loving, Persuade, Don't Preach: Restoring Civility Across the Political Divide.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • A spiritual solution to our cultural divide: Our country is divided, even our faith communities are divided. What can we do? In this sermon, Karen will talk about the spiritual lessons from the latest psychology research that can help us bridge our divide and change our hearts.
  • Religious Education program: An interactive educational primer of moral foundation theory and how to apply lessons from it to how to talk to others you disagree with.

Availability: Anytime, in-person typically within 200 miles of Washington, NJ.

Fee arrangements: Standard fee for presenters for your congregation.

Contact: Email Karen Tibbals at