Celebrating Earth Day

April 22. Unitarian Universalism’s seventh principle: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” makes this a day to celebrate religiously. Themes can include: earth-centered spirituality; connecting to the divine through nature; caretaking of the environment; the interdependent web. Another day to celebrate these themes is Arbor Day, the date of which varies from state to state.

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The Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth envisions a world in which reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth are central to the lives of all people. Their purpose is to inspire, facilitate, and support personal, congregational, and denominational practices that honor and sustain the Earth and all beings. They affirm and promote the seven principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association, including: "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part."

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Unitarian Universalist Perspectives

Earth Day: An Alphabet Book

By Gary Kowalski
From Skinner House Books

Also available as a Cine-Book. An alphabet book that celebrates life on earth.

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  • All Water Is One Water (WorshipWeb)
    By Mel Hoover, Rose Edington
    Tagged as: 6th Principle (World Community), 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Body, Climate Justice, Direct Experience, Earth, Earth-Centered, Gratitude, Interdependence, Nature, Responsibility, Stewardship, Unitarian Universalism


  • Blessed Is the Sky (WorshipWeb)
    By Eric Williams
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Acceptance, Awe, Beauty, Earth, Earth-Centered, Freedom, Immanence, Mystery, Nature, Paganism, Reverence, Wisdom

Chalice Lighting

  • A Child’s Chalice Lighting of Gratitude for the Earth (WorshipWeb)
    By Karen G. Johnston
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Animals, Children, Earth, Earth-Centered, Environment, Gratitude, Nature, Unitarian Universalism, WorshipWeb
  • Like the First Hint of Green (WorshipWeb)
    By Jennifer McGlothin
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Abundance, Awe, Beauty, Beginnings, Earth, Earth-Centered, Growth, Health, Interdependence, Nature, Secular, Spring, Unitarian Universalism


  • Cooperation for Human Creativity (WorshipWeb)
    By Denise Cawley
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Climate Justice, Commitment, Earth, Earth-Centered, Environment, Food Justice, Interdependence, Privilege, Respect, Responsibility, Simplicity, Six Sources

Complete Service

  • Earth Day Worship Service (WorshipWeb)
    By Diana Smith
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Beauty, Climate Justice, Earth, Earth-Centered, Humanism, Nature, Responsibility, Secular


  • A Time for Transformation (WorshipWeb)
    By Kate R. Walker
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Climate Justice, Earth, Earth-Centered, Nature, Responsibility, Transformation
  • Litany for Those Lost to Climate Change (WorshipWeb)
    By Erica Baron
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Anti-Oppression, Brokenness, Climate Justice, Despair, Earth, Earth-Centered, Humanism, Nature, Pain, Responsibility, Trauma


  • All Our Relations (WorshipWeb)
    By Gary Kowalski
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Earth-Centered, God, Interdependence, Nature, Unity
  • Blessing of the Animals—St. Francis Day (WorshipWeb)
    By Thomas Rhodes
    Tagged as: 7th Principle (Interconnected Web), Animals, Connections, Earth, Earth-Centered, Humility, Love, Nature, Relationships
Kids on a swing, hanging from a mighty oak tree.
a very bright and elongated meteor in the night sky, over a dark horizon
Young woman holds plastic earth ball at rally for environmental justice in Louisville, KY, June 2011.