Ordinations and Installations
Ordinations and Installations
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Ordination is the congregational act of bestowing formal recognition of a minister's authority.  An installation is the congregational act of formally entering into shared ministry with their professional minister.

In 1985, Rev. Peter Raible wrote a Manual for Ordination and Installation services. For decades, this comprehensive document was the guiding wisdom in our Unitarian Universalist movement.

Since tradition—and even wisdom itself—evolves, a new Ordination and Installation Handbook was written* in 2019. This Handbook is currently in Phase 1, without an Appendix of sample orders of service. Phase 2 of the Ordination and Installation Handbook will be published in January 2020.

The 2019 Handbook was edited by Rev. Erika Hewitt, with content written by Rev. Wendy Bartel, Rev. Mary Gear, Rev. Jennifer Ryu, and Rev. Connie Simon. We're grateful to all others who contributed their words, ideas, and experience to this document.

Our Ministerial Credentialing page contains information about the process of working towards ordination.

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