Celebrating Yom Kippur

Probably the most important of Judaism’s high holy days, the culmination of the Days of Awe, that begins with Rosh Hashanah. It was established in Leviticus 23:26-32. "Yom Kippur" means "Day of Atonement." It is a day set aside to "afflict the soul," to atone for the sins of the past year. Themes of the day include repentance, reconciliation, asking for forgiveness. “Atonement” can be broken down into: “At-one-ment”, implying that when we forgive and are forgiven, we are brought back into relationship with one another.

Begins sunset of Sunday, September 27, 2020
Ends nightfall of Monday, September 28, 2020

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Chalice Lighting

  • Chalice Lighting for Yom Kippur (WorshipWeb)
    By Vanessa Rush Southern
    Tagged as: Courage, Forgiveness, Healing, Hope, Judaism, Living Our Faith, Love, Relationships, Searching, Truth, Unitarian Universalism, Vulnerability
  • For Every Time We Make a Mistake (WorshipWeb)
    By Maureen Killoran
    Tagged as: Acceptance, Beginnings, Community, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing, Letting Go, Meaning, Relationships, Sorrow, Unitarian Universalism
  • Toward Repair of Relationship (WorshipWeb)
    By Joanna Lubkin
    Tagged as: Forgiveness, Judaism, Relationships, Sacred, Worship, WorshipWeb


  • Yom Kippur: At-one-ment (WorshipWeb)
    By Kathleen Hepler
    Tagged as: Awe, Beauty, Direct Experience, Judaism, Responsibility, Spirituality, Unity, Wonder



  • A Place to Forgive and to Be Forgiven (WorshipWeb)
    By Cathy Cartwright-Chow
    Tagged as: 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Acceptance, Community, Forgiveness, Grace, Healing, Judaism, Relationships, Responsibility, Self-Respect, Unitarian Universalism


  • At One (WorshipWeb)
    By Victoria Safford
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Brokenness, Forgiveness, Healing, Judaism, Relationships, Wholeness


  • Days of Awe (WorshipWeb)
    By Ben Soule
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Awe, Conscience, Contemplation, Judaism, Mindfulness, Peace, Reconciliation, Sacred, Wonder, Worship
  • Let Go (WorshipWeb)
    By Lois Van Leer
    Tagged as: Ending, Healing, Letting Go
  • Call to Gather for the High Holy Days (Days of Awe)   (WorshipWeb)
    By Leah Ongiri
    Tagged as: Judaism, Worship, WorshipWeb