Sometime in June. This is a chance to recognize and congratulate members of the congregation who are graduating from high school. Often, this is only a part of the overall service. High school graduation can mark a time when young adults are about to be less involved in the church community—many move out of the home and head to college or the workforce. This service is a chance to send them off with a blessing and remind them that they always have a spiritual home in the congregation. Also a chance to honor them for their hard work and perseverance in graduating.

Bridging A Handbook for Congregations

By Gail Forsyth-Vail, Jessica York, Jessica York

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Bridging will enhance your Youth and Young Adult Ministry programs, and help make the process of becoming a young adult a spiritually fulfilling community event for your congregation.

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Another type of celebration is the Bridging Ceremony, which celebrates the transition of our youth from their high school experience into young adulthood. The Bridging Ceremony focuses on maintaining the graduates' connection to Unitarian Universalism as they become adults.

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  • Gracious God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid. In the Psalms you tell us our days in this life are like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; for the wind passes over it, and it is gone....
    Prayer | By Susan Maginn | November 25, 2016 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Bridging Ceremony, Change, Children, Christianity, Coming of Age, Generations, God, Graduation Recognition, Love, Young Adults
  • There is too much hardship in this world to not find joy, every day There is too much injustice in this world to not right the balance, every day There is too much pain in this world to not heal, every day Each of us ministers to a weary world....
    Benediction | By Darcy Roake | February 20, 2016 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 1st Principle (Worth & Dignity), 2nd Principle (Justice, Equity, & Compassion), 5th Principle (Conscience & Democracy), 6th Principle (World Community), Activism, Challenge, Coming of Age, Commitment, Community Ministry Sunday, Empathy, Graduation Recognition, Healing, Justice, Justice Sunday, Purpose, Unitarian Universalism, Wholeness
  • The Greek philosopher Plato compared the human mind to a ship on which the sailors had mutinied and locked the captain and the navigator in a cabin. On such a ship, the sailors feel free to steer the ship as they like, but their direction is erratic. The goal of our religious education and youth...
    Closing | By Jeff Liebmann | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: 3rd Principle (Acceptance & Spiritual Growth), Bridging, Bridging Ceremony, Coming of Age, Commitment, Community, Graduation Recognition, Identity, Purpose, Unitarian Universalism, Unity
  • Divine Spirit of our comings and goings, bless those who go forth, andbless those who stay....
    Meditation | By Christine Robinson | January 21, 2015 | From WorshipWeb
    Tagged as: Education, Ending, Graduation Recognition