Celebrating Canvass Sunday

Sometimes called Stewardship Sunday (or Celebration), this service often falls a few months before the congregation's fiscal year begins. A "canvass" or "pledge drive" is the concentrated moment in the congregational year when members and friends are asked to make promises of financial support to the congregation throughout the coming fiscal year. (Congregations who begin their fiscal year on July 1st typically hold a Stewardship Sunday in March or April; those who begin a fiscal year on January 1st would focus on their canvass, and their stewardship needs, in October or November.)

Themes include: stewardship of the community; giving as spiritual practice; abundance/scarcity; valuing what we say is important to us; the role of money in our lives; giving/receiving; Luke 12:34: "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Curriculum, Inspiration & Resources

  • Stewardship: The Joy of Giving (PDF, 175 pages): A five-session program guide in which primary children, intermediate children, youth, and adults can learn about stewardship with their peers, then celebrate it together.
  • Stewardship Sermon Award: Read about the current recipient and enjoy the archive of sermons. This award is given annually for the sermon judged most effective in exploring and promoting financial support of our Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith.
  • Nurturing Generosity: These stewardship resources are available for use in your congregation's adult education programs, children's religious education programs or for your personal interest.


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