WorshipWeb Submissions
WorshipWeb Submissions

Our submission process for general material is on hold, but we're open for your submissions that relate to Covid-19, including the shifting nature of our worship life.

To submit to WorshipWeb, worshipweb [at] uua [dot] org (subject: submission) (please email us) with "submission" in the subject line. Since we'd like to center the voices of people who belong to historically marginalized identities, please name those identities in your email.

We're pausing the influx of "regular" submissions for several reasons:

  • WorshipWeb's reach and focus have expanded over the past few years, making it a challenge for our administrative and editorial process to keep pace with submissions. Putting a hold on new submissions will allow us to address the backlog of material awaiting review.
  • The submission process often relied on people having the confidence, encouragement, or relationships that allowed them to take the vulnerable step of submitting their work. That process seems to have favored people with historically privileged identities, as opposed to those with historically marginalized identities. The effect of that trend has been to maintain the high proportion of material written by white, cisgender, straight, able-bodied authors.
  • The submission process also operated on the assumption that "more is better"—that, for example, it's better to have 181 chalice lightings on WorshipWeb than 180. We're questioning that assumption during this hiatus by asking what WorshipWeb's purpose is, and how WorshipWeb might be more effective in the years ahead.

As 2020 continues, we're creating time and space to reimagine WorshipWeb: moving into "the balcony" perspective to survey the WorshipWeb landscape, imagine how we might better serve our cherished users, and ask important questions about how WorshipWeb can center the voices of people with marginalized identities.

During this submission hiatus, you'll still find fresh material on a weekly basis over on our What's New? page.

If you have feedback or wisdom to share, you're welcome to send it in! We love hearing from our users because we're in this together.

Thank you for your patience, and for being part of WorshipWeb.

—Rev. Erika Hewitt, Minister of Worship Arts, Unitarian Universalist Association

For more information contact worshipweb@uua.org.

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