Summer Albayati

Full name: Rev. Summer Albayati

Congregational Life Staff

Pacific Western Region in Congregational Life


Telephone: (949) 391-3891

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Summer, whose last name is pronounced el-bay-EH-tee, is a UU Muslim of Iraqi descent who brings extensive experience in leadership development, strategic planning, multiculturalism, curriculum development/programming, outreach, organizational development, grant writing, interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution and mediation.

She has worked within indigenous communities and communities of color, advocating for equity in education, increasing numbers of students of color who enter into universities, developing youth leaders, leading gifted and special education programs, and creating training/professional development for educators.

Summer has been playing the Arabic drum professionally since the age of 12, and has shared her gifts in worship, concerts, and social justice venues most of her life. These experiences gave her a foundation to explore the intersectionality between speaking prophetically, making music, healing spirits, and doing social justice work, all while reflecting on Islam as a theology of liberation.

Summer’s current podcast, “The Bayat Beat,” a commentary on society and culture with an emphasis on social justice, has a global audience. She has served on the board of UU Mystics in Community, contributed to their quarterly newsletter, and written a chapter in the anthology Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity and Power in Ministry, published by Skinner House.

From Summer Albayati

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Return and Remember

Summer Albayati

From Braver/Wiser
When the holy month of Ramadan approaches, it becomes a beautiful reminder to return to myself.


Ramadan Home

Summer Albayati

From WorshipWeb
Ramadan, never forgotten, entices me back to Love, and I am home once again
Sabr wa Iman (Patience and Faith)

Summer Albayati

From WorshipWeb
We need resilience, perseverance, and persistence.
A Chalice Lighting for Liminal Times

Summer Albayati

From WorshipWeb
We light this chalice as a symbol of courage to move into that time of this and that / and not this / and not that

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