Celebrating Passover Seder

In 2020, Passover begins on the evening of April 8 and ends in the evening of April 16.

Passover is the most commonly celebrated holiday among Jews, and lasts for eight days. This retelling of the "exodus story" (the Hebrews escaping from slavery in Egypt) is often interpreted as a promise of liberation for all who are oppressed. This story is told in Exodus, chapters 1-15; many of the Passover observances are instituted in chapters 12-15. On the first two nights of Passover, the Seder meal is eaten. Some Unitarian Universalist congregations will have a Passover Seder on one of those days, or a date close to then. Many of the customs and traditions of the Seder are observed. The Seder meal sometimes takes place in a church member’s home, as opposed to the church building itself.

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