Our Journeys, Our Hearts

Now, in shared quietness, we shall listen to the wisdom of our inner hearts and minds as we join in meditation.

Let us be mindful of this special time, as again the feast of unleavened bread draws nigh, which is called Passover.

Let us remember the history of this feast, the celebration of beginning a long and hard journey into freedom and the promised land. We give thanks for our own journeys, our long and hard learnings, our freedom and our glimpses of the promised land.

Let us be mindful of how closely hatred and fear are intertwined, as they were for the priests and scribes as they reacted to Jesus. May we never, through our fears, seek to kill that which is good and true. Let us seek forgiveness for times when our fears have outweighed our love.

Let us remember how easily evil may enter our hearts, as it entered the heart of Judas. We pray that we may have the wisdom to recognize evil, and the strength to keep it away.

Let us be mindful of the greed which so often rules us, as it ruled Judas who covenanted with murderers for money. May we never betray anything good, or anyone loved, for the promise of selfish gain.

Let us remember the night of the feast, the night of betrayal, the night of love, the night of hate. Let us remember, in silence and wonder.