It Will Be Enough

In ancient times, they said
It would have been enough to have been spared after the plagues.
It would have been enough to have been freed of slavery,
It would have been enough to have had food in the desert,

Now we question, when will it be enough again?

Will it be enough to stay home?
Will it be enough if we are deemed essential, as we are made to work?
Will it be enough to wear a mask as we go to the grocery, to the office, to the gas station?
Will it be enough to keep us well, in the midst of plague that has not passed over?

Now we wonder, worry, wish for answers

It would have been enough. It will be enough again.
If the story of Passover is told and teaches us how to live in this time,
It will be enough.
If the stories of our ancestors bring us hope for tomorrow
It will be enough.
If we join together in remembering that we all come from people who have survived
Again and again,
It will be enough this year, as it is each and every year.

Dayenu, it will be enough that we are together today.
Come, let us worship together.

About the Author

Elizabeth Mount

Elizabeth Mount is the minister at the First UU Church of Indiana, PA. They graduated from Meadville Lombard, and received fellowship in 2018. Prior to entering seminary, Elizabeth was an organizer with environmental and Latinx community projects in Western North Carolina, the Appalachian coal...

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