Laying on of Hands

a pair of hands, only one entirely in the frame, with fingers loosely interlaced

With our words we have given our mind's consent to the letter of this covenant. Now let us come together in the spirit of covenant, laying on our hands, and offering our heart's consent.

As we begin, join me in placing your hands over your heart. Feel its precious beating. Feel too, the stirring of your spiritual heart, and let its compassion and wisdom radiate into your receiving hands.

(With hands over heart)
Hands, when in service to the human spirit, have the power to bless
With touch that heals
Touch that comforts
Hands, when pledged in covenant to serve to our neighbor, have power to transform
Through service that strengthens
Service that liberates
We, the ministering hands of our religious tradition and the ministering hands of this community, unite in our support of the minister called to lead this congregation, the Rev. Name.

I invite Rev. Name to step to the center.
I invite our colleagues to come forward laying hands upon Name and forming a connected line with hands upon the shoulders of the colleagues before you. In this way you add your blessing and symbolically the blessing of the ancient and living tradition of colleagues in whose line we stand. Come forward in solemn celebration.

I invite the members and friends of this congregation to come forward. Laying hands upon Rev. Name and connecting as on body hand to shoulder, bringing your blessing to all who join together and symbolizing the ancient line of congregations who join with you in a living tradition. Come forward in solemn celebration.

(Prayer spoken once everyone is connected)
Beloved Mystery, Spirit of Love and Life,
Let ours be praying hands, reaching out with the blessed energy rising in our souls and offering it freely in service to the shared ministry between Rev. Name and this congregation.

May this congregation find their strength and beauty reflected back in their relationship with their minister. May their minister, empowered by this spiritual gift, give voice to the congregation's inspiring message and be a sustaining presence bearing faithful witness to its vision.

Let the spirit-filled light of this religious community pour into every room and shine forth from every window as a beacon of welcome to all hands and of hospitality to all souls. Amen.