Ministry Is All That We Do

Ministry is all that we do—Together

Ministry is that quality of being in community that affirms human dignity—
beckons forth hidden possibilities, invites us into deeper, more constant, reverent relationships,
and carries forward our heritage of hope and liberation.

Ministry is what we do together as we celebrate triumphs of our human spirit,
Miracles of birth and life,
Wonders of devotion and sacrifice.

Ministry is what we do together—with one another—
in terror and torment—in grief, in misery and pain,
enabling us in the presence of death
to say yes to life.

We who minister speak and live the best we know with full knowledge
that it is never quite enough…

And yet are reassured
by lostness found,
fragments reunited,
wounds healed,
and joy shared.

Ministry is what we all do—together.