Blessing of the Seasons

<Name>, I offer you this blessing at the beginning of your [ordained] ministry.

<Name>, as you go forth into this new phase of your life’s adventure, may you go with the blessing of the seasons:

A large tree, in silhouette, against an indigo sunset sky.

May you go forth with the extravagance of Spring’s exuberant, budding, blossoming promise, as the Earth awakens yet again. May you awaken to new possibilities.

May you go forth with the abundance of Summer’s warmth, and the fierceness of summer storms that wash away the old and the stale. May you be fierce to combat injustice.

May you go forth with the refreshment of Autumn’s crisp days that bring the fulfillment of Spring planting and Summer’s maturation. May you find fulfillment in this new ministry.

And may you go forth with Winter’s quiet contemplation, the time of resting, the time of being still and of renewing, when all is hidden growth, renewal, and preparation. May you always find time to nurture your own being.

May it be so in your life and in the life of this congregation as you journey together. Blessed be.