May We Seek to Serve Life

A spiral of rainbow-spectrum light

Reader 1: We come today to gather together as Unitarian Universalists.
Reader 2: We come today to join in the spirit of love and the service of life.
Reader 3: We come today to be part of the stream of this living tradition.
All: In our gathering, may we be blessed.

Reader 1: Our shared faith is made up of the people who gather.
Reader 2: Our shared faith is called by the beacon of love and justice.
Reader 3: Our shared faith is breathed into life by the questions and the actions of the people.
All: Through our faith, may we strive to use our hearts, minds, and deeds to bring more love, justice, and truth into the world.

Reader 1: In the Latin hymn Ubi Caritas, we sing, “Where charity and love are, God is there.”*
Reader 2: In this spirit, we affirm that when we gather in love and justice, we open ourselves to Life itself.
Reader 3: In our opening, may we know ourselves to be blessed.
All: May we seek to serve Life, each with our own gifts and in our own ways, always doing so in love. May we know ourselves held in the Love that is always with us.

*#1048, Singing the Journey