What Gives Us Life

A low angle photo to give an unusual perspective of the wild daisies which appear every spring along the West Coast in South Africa.

Life is complicated and uncertain.
And gorgeous with some things we can count on.
It has seasons of struggle and seasons of delight, and sometimes the two blow in and bloom simultaneously.
Like now. Maybe always.
And we are here together.
All of us from different corners of the world and different families,
Breathing together, questing together, holding each other through it all, laughing and singing in the face of it.
If there is a journey to liberation,
If there is a way to live resurrection,
I think it is like this.
May what holds us in bondage to death or loss or hurt or sadness or literal heartbreaking limits,
be released.
And what gives us life, hope, joy, rebirth, feel invited to claim us—and may we claim it.
Sinking our roots down into what grounds us, reaching toward the sun.
Flowering into this season all of whose traditions witness to life more abundant claiming us,
after a season of loss and winter struggles of heart and mind and spirit.
And may we open our hearts to the abundance of creation that surrounds and sustains us. Amen.