Earth Day Prayer

Spirit of Life, spirit of earth, spirit of all that breathes
and all that is: we love you.
We love this planet and its people and its beings.
We love this interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part.
We love it all and we want it all to be well and blessed and healthy.
But we are human, and as a people, our hearts are still small.
So often our love and our sincere desire for the well-being of all
is not yet enough to restrain our collective desire for more for ourselves—
more money, more power, more things.
So often we act in the service of that desire for more
in ways that harm our fellow humans,
and the countless beings with whom we share this earth.
And so often, even when we would do otherwise,
we feel powerless. The problems are so big, the scale so enormous.
What can one person or one small group really do?
But, today, let our prayer be for hope,
and commitment to stay in the struggle,
to do what is right as best we can, each day,
and to love you, spirit of earth and ocean, stars and rocks,
beings of every kind, not least our human neighbors—
to love this glorious whole as we love ourselves—
for we are you and you are us, blessed be.