Foamy waves wash up on craggy rocks, made red by the sun, in Morrazo, Galicia (Spain)

A: Because the tides are rising
B: So must we
C: Rise!
A: to this moment
C: Rise!
B: to this day
C: Rise!
A: to this life
B: This place in the web
A: That is yours, and ours.
C: Rise!
B: Because the earth remains
A: Our only home
C: And we
B: Fellow travelers
A: Its only hope
C: For healing
B: Wholeness
A: Salvation
C: Rise!
B: Before the mystery
A: Before the big bang
C: That started it all
B: That this infinite universe
A: Still takes notice of us
C: Still feels the in and out of our breath
B: Still holds us
A: Connects us
C: Rise!
B: Or surrender
A: With gratitude
C: For this beauty
B: This chance
A: To be a part of it all
B: To give back
C: To weave
A: Life
B: Past,
C: Present,
A: Future
B: Everywhere, Always
C: As one
A: Come, let us worship, together