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A: Because the tides are rising
B: So must we
C: Rise!
A: to this moment
C: Rise!
B: to this day
C: Rise!
A: to this life
B: This place in the web
A: That is yours, and ours.
C: Rise!
B: Because the earth remains
A: Our only home
C: And we
B: Fellow travelers
A: Its only hope
C: For healing
B: Wholeness
A: Salvation
C: Rise!
B: Before the mystery
A: Before the big bang
C: That started it all
B: That this infinite universe
A: Still takes notice of us
C: Still feels the in and out of our breath
B: Still holds us
A: Connects us
C: Rise!
B: Or surrender
A: With gratitude
C: For this beauty
B: This chance
A: To be a part of it all
B: To give back
C: To weave
A: Life
B: Past,
C: Present,
A: Future
B: Everywhere, Always
C: As one
A: Come, let us worship, together

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  • Gretchen Haley is relentlessly curious about most things, especially the big stuff of theology, the magic of collaboration, and the great joy of pop culture. She has an audacious ambition for the liberal church, believing in its capacity to transform lives and our world by way...

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