Ministries and Faith Development

The Ministries and Faith Development (MFD) staff group serves Unitarian Universalism by creating healthy, transformative, multigenerational, and diverse ministries and religious education. MFD includes a Director's Office and four functional offices.

The Office of Church Staff Finance provides information, services, and programs—including the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Health Plan—used by Unitarian Universalist congregations and their ministers, religious educators, and other employees in matters of fair compensation and benefits arrangements. Find Office of Church Staff Finance staff members.

The Lifespan Faith Engagement Office provides resources for lifespan religious education, worship, advocacy, and social action that nurture Unitarian Universalist identity, spiritual growth, a transforming faith, and vital communities of justice and love. The Office also supports all Unitarian Universalist youth and young adults through advocacy, education, training, and resource development. Find Lifespan Faith Engagement Office staff members.

The Credentialing and Professional Development Office works with people preparing for credentialing in ministry, religious education, and music leadership and supports their ongoing professional development to help our religious professionals live fully into their callings and to enrich their service to Unitarian Universalist congregations. Find Credentialing and Professional Development Office staff members.

The Transitions Office supports congregations facing or planning changes in their professional ministry with counsel and resources, including interim ministry. We also advise ministers on career planning. Find Transitions Office staff members.

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