Side with Love Organizing Strategy Team (OST)

group of people standing in front of trees in grass

The Side With Love Organizing Strategy Team’s role is to drive strategy, strengthen the capacity of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) to organize for justice, and to mobilize power and people for liberation. The team’s approach recognizes that there are many issues and partnerships that individual Unitarian Universalist and UU congregations are invested in, while also modeling focus on four key intersectional priorities to strategically build power for creating justice at this time.

  • Climate justice, inclusive of indigenous sovereignty and climate resilience
  • Anti-criminalization, inclusive of racial justice and immigrant justice and the criminalization of poverty
  • LGBTQ and gender justice, inclusive of LGTBQ equity and reproductive justice
  • Electoral justice, inclusive of voting and voting rights, democracy and election year engagement.​

The Team’s focus is guided by the following questions:

  • Where are frontline organized communities who want the support of people of faith?
  • Where can we push faith-based justice work to be more unapologetic and courageous?
  • Where is the organic energy flowing among Unitarian Universalists and frontline organizers?

The UUA's Side With Love and UU the Vote campaigns and our joint Love Resists campaign with the UUSC are staffed by OST.

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