UUA Safe Congregations Team

UUA Safe Congregations Team Members

The UUA Safe Congregations Team in May 2023, L to R: Heather Bond, Lisa Presley, Sunshine Wolfe, Annie Scott, Tyler Coles, Wren Bellavance-Grace, and Sarah Gibb Millspaugh.

The UUA Safe Congregations Team includes Congregational Life staff from each region of the UUA, and from the UUA Office of Ethics and Safety. The team in 2023 is:

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Property insurance challenges are becoming more common, from rate increases to policy terminations. While we can't make these problems go away, we can offer some suggestions.

Book | By Safe Congregations Team, UUA Office of Church Staff Finances, Ministries and Faith Development | December 15, 2023 | From LeaderLab
Tagged as: Facilities Management, Records & Security, Finance for Congregations

Our congregations strive to be safe and welcoming places to all....

Utility | By Safe Congregations Team | April 3, 2014
Tagged as: Conflict Management in Congregations, Healthy Behavior, Trauma, Violence, Records & Security, Safe Congregations

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