Synergy Bridging Worship: Replanting Interdependence, General Assembly 2022

This is a transformative multigenerational worship. Be inspired and illuminated at a celebration of treasured worship elements, rites of passage and brilliant contemporary music.

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Program Description

Bridging (the transition from youthhood into young adulthood) is a moment to honor our growth and transitions along the lifespan. In this worship, we will explore how communities and ecosystems rebuild interdependence after great calamity, and honor our bridging youth in ritual.

Ellie Ferris; Graeme Cannon; Sunny KorinekFuchs

Order of Service

We thank our musicians today: Michael Backus, Casey Anderson, John Wolcott, Dustin Hunley, and John Boelling.

  • Prelude
  • Chalice Lighting & Welcome
    Rev. Stevie K Carmody
  • Opening Hymn – “We Laugh, We Cry”
  • Reflection
    Sunny KorinekFuchs
  • Offering – Katie Tyson Fund
    Shannon Harper
  • Offertory – “Tightrope”
  • Reflection
    Ellie Ferris
  • Hymn – “More Waters Rising”
  • Moment of Bridging
    Rev. Sara Green
  • Ceremony of Bridging
    The 2022 Bridging Youth
  • Hymn – “Sending You Light”
  • Reflection
    Graeme Cannon
  • Hymn – “Garden Song”
  • Charge to the Gathered Congregation
    Alex Sherwood
  • Closing
    Rev. Stevie K Carmody
  • Closing Hymn – Blue Boat Home
  • Recessional
  • Special Collection

    The Katie Tyson Fund for Youth and Young Adult Ministries is dedicated to kindling the sparks of leadership among Unitarian Universalist youth and young adults. The fund supports scholarships, grants, and programs for youth and young adult projects, conferences, outreach, and more.