2.12 Communication and Support to the Board: UUA Governance Manual

The President shall not permit the Board to be uninformed or unsupported in its work, nor perform tasks or take responsibility for areas that are the Board's responsibility.

Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by this enumeration, the President shall not:

  1. Fail to submit monitoring data requested by the Board (see policy on Monitoring Presidential Performance in policy “Section 4 Board-President Linkage”) in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion, directly addressing the Board policies being monitored.
  2. Allow the Board to be surprised by circumstances that the Board should reasonably be expected to know, including (but not limited to) anticipated high-profile or adverse media coverage or media presence (including advertising), threatened or pending lawsuits, material external and internal changes including staff structure and size, conflicts of interest, clergy or staff misconduct, the hiring of salaried officers, and changes in the conditions or circumstances upon which any Board policy had previously been established.
    1. Reporting on misconduct is to include metrics, trends over time, and financial impact, while maintaining confidentiality around individual persons.
  3. Fail to apprise the Board of current staff priorities regarding how those Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) justice work efforts and how they have been chosen and how these priorities have guided the Administration since the last report.
  4. Fail to advise the Board if, in the President's opinion, the Board is not in compliance with its own policies in Section 3: Governance Process or Section 4: Board-President Linkage, particularly in the case of Board behavior that is detrimental to the relationship between the Board and the President.
  5. Fail to provide a mechanism and staff support for official Board, officer or committee communications, including the need to communicate within the Board or committee and with congregations and other Sources of Authority and Accountability.
  6. Fail to communicate with the Board as a whole except when fulfilling individual requests for information or responding to officers or committees duly charged by the Board.
  7. Fail to report to the Board in a timely manner an actual or anticipated noncompliance with any policy of the Board.
  8. Operate without ensuring that youth are integrated into leadership at all levels of the association, including the establishment of clear targets for successful youth participation in leadership roles throughout the UUA
    1. The President shall not allow situations where youth safety and protection policies have not been followed for youth who serve in leadership positions in the UUA (including the Board, committee and task force appointments).
  9. Fail to provide adequate staff support and information technology systems for the Appointments Committee and the Nominating Committee.
  10. Fail to provide adequate staff support for committees' compliance with Open UUA guidelines and policy 3.7.8 antiracism, anti-oppression multiculturalism requirements.