2.10 Emergency Presidential Incapacity: UUA Governance Manual

In order to protect the Association from a sudden temporary loss of the President’s ministry and leadership, the President shall submit to the Board of Trustees for their affirmation a list of the staff who comprise the order of presidential succession, consisting of no fewer than five other senior executives who are familiar with the President’s ministry and duties and the work of the Board. The order of succession shall begin with the Executive Vice President and then include other staff as designated by the President.

  1. In the event of presidential incapacitation, the order of succession will be immediately activated so that the top-ranked person who is available to do so assumes the duties of the president as Acting President until either
    a) the President resumes the functions of the presidency by sending written notice to the Board they are able to do so; or
    b) the UUA Board designates a different Acting President or appoints a new President in accordance with UUA Bylaws.