2.13 Implementation of the Business Resolutions of General Assembly: UUA Governance Manual

The President shall not fail to implement in a timely manner and provide ongoing implementation support for those resolutions of the General Assembly (GA) that direct the work of the staff. Such resolutions are identified in Appendix 2.G.

Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by this enumeration, the President shall not fail to:

  1. Have an active, viable and funded program to help our congregations build the capacity to stand in opposition to systemic racism in our congregations, local communities and in our own lives
  2. Provide information needed to help congregations remunerate religious professionals, program and administrative staff throughout the Association with fair, equitable, and geographically consistent compensation packages.
  3. Fail to assist the Board and the Association in making progress on the areas identified in the 1997 GA resolution calling on the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) to become an anti-racist institution.