Charge to the UUA Retirement Committee

1. Responsibilities

To serve as fiduciaries for the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Organizations Retirement Plan ("the Plan"), and to serve as the Committee referenced in the governing document of the UU Organizations Retirement Plan. The Committee's duties are:

  • Administering the Plan according to its terms, interpreting the Plan terms, resolving questions and ambiguities arising under the Plan, and enforcing the terms of the Plan.
  • Having overall responsibility for investment of the Plan's assets including:
    • Establishing and maintaining an investment policy statement for the Plan;
    • Appointing, monitoring, and removing vendors and service providers including the recordkeeper;
    • Appointing, monitoring, and removing investment options and funds and deciding all investment-related questions under the Plan;
    • Providing timely reports to the UUA Board of Trustees on the number of participants, the performance of the investment options, and the financial condition of the Plan.
  • Other duties as stated in the UU Organizations Retirement Plan document.

​2. Membership

The Committee shall have seven members, appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees, who shall include:

  • The UUA Treasurer
  • The UUA Financial Advisor
  • Five other persons, each of whom shall be either a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation or a religious professional serving a congregation of the Association.

3. Term

For regular members, two years, normally beginning July 1, with reappointment allowed three times for a maximum of eight years. The Treasurer and Financial Advisor serve ex officio.

4. Qualifications

Current experience, preferably at a senior level, in retirement plan management, investment management, finance, human resource management, or related fields.

5. Meetings

The Committee shall meet as necessary, but no less than twice per year. Meetings may occur by phone.