Form a Planned Giving Committee

The size of your congregation will determine how you approach planned giving. One very committed volunteer can accomplish a great deal in a group of 70-100, but a team is always more fun. Larger congregations will need more volunteers who can help identify planned gift donor prospects, develop marketing materials, visit individuals, and find ways to keep the "elders" involved and feeling appreciated in the life of the congregation. Stewardship of the Unitarian Universalist movement is a responsibility to be shared and passed on. Consider including young adults and youth on the Planned Giving Committee. It will be an education for them and for you.

The duties of a Planned Giving Committee include:

  • To identify individuals who are candidates for a planned gift
  • To take responsibility for making sure these prospects are actually asked for a planned gift commitment
  • To plan for and implement gift acceptance policies and procedures, as well as marketing, cultivating, asking, and thanking donors.
  • To manage volunteers effectively, to organize, train, motivate, and reward them.
  • To educate and motivate congregational leadership and general membership to develop a theology of abundance and generosity.