Identify your Planned Gift Prospects

Review your current membership and friends of the congregation lists. Ask a few people who know the congregation well to look over the list and help you identify who is likely to make a charitable bequest of some kind.

Here's a profile of a planned gift prospect: Someone who is over 50; has met his or her family obligations, or is single; is deeply committed to Unitarian Universalism; contributes to your congregation; and has both the means and the inclination to make additional contributions.

Your best prospects often are people who already give generously to your congregation. But do not overlook others. Simply because someone gives a small amount to the canvass does not mean they have nothing more to give. People on limited incomes would love to be asked to make a bequest or sign over a life insurance policy they no longer need. Every adult should be encouraged to remember your society, fellowship, or church in their Wills.