FORTH: A Stewardship Development Program

FORTH is a stewardship development program to help Unitarian Universalist congregations grow a year round culture of stewardship.

Some of the healthiest Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations focus more on stewardship than fundraising. While fundraising refers to money-raising efforts, stewardship is an attitude that is reflected in all of the congregation's efforts. As noted in chapter one of Beyond Fundraising: A Complete Guide to Congregational Stewardship, fundraising emphasized the need of the recipient; stewardship addresses people's spiritual need to give.


The Forward Through the Ages (FORTH) Congregational Stewardship Self-Assessment has two aims:

  • A better understanding of your congregation's culture of stewardship
  • Determination of a FORTH path that is best for your congregation

We recommend at least five congregational leaders (lay leader or professional religious leader) complete the FORTH Congregational Stewardship Self-Assessment (PDF). Once all the participants have completed the survey, have a conversation about what you have learned, focusing on and building on your congregational strengths. Afterwards, explore the FORTH Resources:

  • Suggested Year Round Calendar
  • Recommended Stewardship Language
  • Sample Stewardship Team Job Description
  • Recommended Stewardship Team Formation and Charge
  • Stewardship Information and Ideas
  • Sample Organizational Charts
  • Annotated Bibliography (currently more than 100 items)
  • Operational Support for Effective Stewardship
  • Suggested Four-Year Activities