Honor, Recognize, and Involve Donors in the Life of Your Congregation

First, say "Thank you!"

Always say thank you. When someone joins the Bequest Society, thank him or her for their generosity and foresight. Ask members of the governing Board to say thank you, too.

Treat your Bequest Society members and other planned gift donors well, and many of them will give again. Someone who has provided a bequest to the church is deeply committed and may be moved to do something special during their lifetime. Similarly, someone who can afford to make a $5,000 contribution to the UUA Pooled Income Gift Fund may one day provide a considerably larger charitable bequest.

An occasional note or visit, a community service project, an annual dinner or monthly forum, a trip to the art museum, botanical garden or the symphony, and a simple telephone call are all ways to express appreciation to those who care enough about the congregation to give to its future. Some of your planned gift donors may be housebound or otherwise restricted from social activities; they will particularly enjoy opportunities to be with others.