Congregational Stewardship Resources

Congregational Stewardship Survey Papers

For most UU Congregations, fundraising to support the annual budget is a BIG Challenge. We wanted to understand more about how our congregations approach this work, and what they find helpful to their success. The following papers are the result of a survey undertaken in 2020 completed by 169 congregations, and offer insight into what practices congregations find effective in their annual stewardship campaigns.

Congregational Stewardship Survey Comprehensive Results (PDF)

Congregational Stewardship Survey Paper One: Improving Stewardship Outcomes in Unitarian Universalist Congregations (PDF)

Congregational Stewardship Survey Paper Two: Messaging and Communication (PDF)

Congregational Stewardship Survey Paper Three: Stewardship During Covid19 (PDF)

Congregational Stewardship Survey Paper Four: Beyond the Annual Stewardship Campaign (PDF)

How to Talk About Generosity

Resources on stewardship for use in your congregation's adult education programs, children's religious education programs or for your personal interest are available to help Nurture Generosity in Your Congregation

How to Talk About the Annual Program Fund (APF)

Learn more about how to talk about APF with your congregation with sample newsletter and order of service blurbs, APF logos and copies of the APF poster and postcards.

Wi$dom Path

A Tapestry of Faith Program, Wi$dom Path helps participants understand how money can be a more effective force for living lives of meaning and value, and for creating positive change.

Watch Rev. Eric Kaminetzky of Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church explain why his congregation is an Honor Congregation. View all of our other APF testimonials.