Extended Leadership Experience

Extended Leadership Experience - MidAmerica Region UUA 2023

Extended Leadership Experience (ELE) is MidAmerica’s multi-session hybrid on-line leadership training. We combine on-demand “pre-work,” followed by a 3-4 hour on-line interactive webinar where learners learn about the focus topic and have a chance to interact with others about what they are learning. Learners are encouraged to contribute their thoughts as they go through the on-demand portion, with both faculty and learners commenting on each other’s thoughts.

In 2020 and 2021, we offered an introductory level of ELE called ELE 100. In the winter of 2023, we launched a second level—ELE 200—designed for those who have either previously attended ELE 100, or who already have substantial leadership education.

Intro to Leadership: ELE 100 is a four-session program that has historically covered UU history and theology, covenant, mission/vision, conflict, and intro to systems. We are planning on holding another session of this in the Fall of 2023.

Going Further: ELE 200 is a five-session course. The special lectures at each session will go more in-depth with systems theory, and the on-demand and discussion portions will cover exploring your leadership style, conflict and anxiety, congregational patterns and culture, adaptive and technical changes in a changing world, and change management. Learn more on our ELE 200 Registration page.

ELE is the successor to, and builds on, the communities that created MidWest Leadership School more than 35 years ago—this was a time when, before regions, our three predecessor districts of Central Midwest, Heartland, and Prairie Star came together to learn with and for each other. That work helped us move more easily into our regional frame, and we continue that tradition with the ELE programs.

Please contact Lisa Presley (lpresley@uua.org) for more information.