Extended Leadership Experience

Extended Leadership Experience Virtual MidWest Leadership School

With the retiring of the in-person MidWest Leadership School in 2021, we are currently utilizing online tools to present learning experiences for our congregational leaders and future leaders.

  • Possibly holding another session of 2020-2021's successful Extended Leadership Experience in Fall 2023.
  • Planning for a follow-up ELE 200 to explore other leadership topics. SPRING 2023

Fall 2020’s Extended Leadership Experience was a big success—sold out in two and a half weeks, with a 90+% attendance rate. The evaluations say that those who attended said that the content was relevant to their congregation and leadership in their congregations.

We held a second session of the Extended Leadership Experience Spring 2021. We covered identity, mission/vision, systems, and conflict, along with four incredible history presentations by the Rev. Connie Simon.

We will offer Extended Leadership Experience 200 to build upon the topics and discuss more complex leadership skills. We are still working on the details of that course, yet we know that attendance at one of the Extended Leadership Experience 100s or the equivalent will be a prerequisite for ELE 200.

We look forward to seeing you in one of these sessions soon. Watch for announcements!

For more information, feel free to reach out to Lisa Presley, lpresley@uua.org