MidAmerica Board of Trustees


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Tammy Lemmer

Tammy Lemmer, President

(Term 2019-2022) Tammy Lemmer has served on the MidAmerica Board of Trustees since 2017 and as Secretary for the last year. Professionally she works in the non-profit/human services sector. After 8 years as a Girl Scout Executive and over 12 years in domestic and sexual violence prevention, she now works for her local Area Agency on Aging. She also contracts with the Michigan Department of Education to support safe and supportive school environments for LBGT youth. She is very active in community activities and serves on her local school board.

Tammy has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing (Michigan) since 2002. Her congregational involvement includes volunteering with Children's RE, (including facilitating Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives for Middle Schoolers), Social Action initiatives, and Stewardship and Capital Campaign Committees. Her other leadership roles at UUCGL include serving on the Congregation’s Board of Trustees for five years (with terms as VP for Programs and Secretary,) Nominating Committee, Chair of Denominational Affairs, and Program and Policy Transitions committee (for reviewing and updating the congregation's Constitution and Bylaws). Within the Region, she is an experienced delegate, and prior to joining the Board she served as a member and chair of both the Heartland District and the Regional Nominating Committees.

Patty Notch, MidAmerica Region Board Member

Patty Notch, Vice-President

(2021-2022) Patty Notch is a member of First Unitarian Church in Des Moines, Iowa. She currently serves as President of First Unitarian’s Board of Trustees. Prior to joining the board, Patty chaired the Ministerial Search Committee. Patty has served her church in many ways over the years – she has taught RE, volunteered with Family Promise, served on a variety of committees, and planned many social events.

Patty is a graduate of Drake University and Drake University Law School in Des Moines, Iowa. She has been a practicing attorney since 1992. Patty has six children, and married her wife Meg, in 2010. Together they have a total of nine children. Only the youngest, 12, is still at home.

Patty has primarily practiced in the area of criminal and juvenile law, but has extensive experience in navigating the children’s mental health system in the state of Iowa, having served as a family peer support specialist for several years. In her spare time, Patty likes to read, travel, and look for treasures at thrift shops and consignment stores.

Rae Jane Araujo

Rae Jane Araujo, Treasurer

(2020-2024) Rae Jane Araujo is a member of Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been a UU for 40 years. She is active in her church’s Social Justice Collaborative, is treasurer of the Unitarian Universalist Council of Greater Cincinnati (cluster), and is currently President of the Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference. She is a past board member of UUJO (Ohio’s state- wide social justice network).

She has been active in her church, serving several times as Treasurer, and has been involved with the following: Co-Chair of the Universalist Convocation Planning Committee, Labyrinth Arts Festival Steering Committee, Finance Committee, Stewardship, Welcoming Congregation, and Ministerial Search Committees. She was Chair of the Building Committee when the church was built in 1985. She served on the board of the Heartland District (before the creation of the MidAmerican Region) and served as its Treasurer. She is also involved with a wide range of non-UU social justice movements including the Coalition for a Just Hamilton County.

Before retirement in October of 2018, Rae Jane was the Technical Sales Manager for Howden American Fan. She is married to her husband, Russ, and is the mother of two grown children (who are also UUs). Rae Jane loves spending time with her four granddaughters and one great-granddaughter.

Dorit Bergen - MidAmerica Region Board member

Dorit Bergen, Secretary

(2019-2023) Dorit Bergen has been a Unitarian Universalist and a member of the First Unitarian Society of Madison (FUS) since 1976. She currently serves on the FUS Board of Trustees and as one of their lay ministers. Dorit helps coordinate the FUS team that volunteers mornings at one of the Madison area shelters, and is the First Unitarian Society liaison to the Dane Sanctuary Coalition.

Outside of FUS she is the current president of the council of a local peer to peer support group for seniors, and co-president of a chapter of a teacher charitable organization. Dorit is a retired middle school math teacher.

Jim Moir

Jim Moir, At-Large

(2020-2023) Jim Moir spent his childhood in the RE program at 1st UU Detroit. In the 50+ years since, he has been active in 7 UU congregations. He was the founding president for Spirit of Life UUs, an emerging congregation in Odessa, FL. Jim has visited at least 40 congregations to participate in programs or worship.

Work in congregations included many different experiences—worship, teaching, social justice, and growth. He served 20 years as a Youth Advisor, including two terms on the Florida Youth Council. He was the Growth Chair for Florida District in the early 2000’s.

In 2004 Jim and his wife Robin moved to Chicago so he could pursue UU ministry. Sadly, Robin contracted cancer. They moved back to Michigan to be near family and Robin succumbed in 2007. Jim completed coursework for a Master’s in Religion, but elected to “retire” from seeking ordination. Currently Jim has a ministry of sorts as Youth Librarian for the Dearborn Heights City Libraries.

Currently a member at Northwest UU in Southfield, Jim teaches Sunday school and is the liaison to the larger UU movement. He is a big picture person, excited about a chance to strengthen UU congregations and institutions.

Hans Kelson

Hans Kelson, At-Large

(2020-2024) Hans Kelson has been a Unitarian Universalist since he was five years old, when his family joined the UU Church of Bloomington, Indiana. He became a member in his own right in 2016 at the age of sixteen. Since then, Hans has served as youth liaison to the board, attended the Youth Midwest Leadership School in 2016, served as a delegate to General Assembly in 2019, and been involved in regional youth leadership activities. Currently, Hans serves on the MidAmerica Young Adult Steering Committee.

Homeschooled throughout his schooling years, Hans has been able to take advantage of many opportunities to forge his own path. In 2015, he helped found the Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth (ICEY) which organized local home weatherizing events, started the area’s first “solarize” campaign, and traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s annual Spring Lobby Weekend. He currently works for Monroe County Government as a computer technician, and is starting his own tech consulting company. In 2018, he was elected to the Benton Township Board, where he is working to raise awareness about local governance and shore up fire protection services for his rural community. Hans enjoys playing guitar, reading high fantasy, and participating in a local pool league.

Rev. Mandy Beal

Rev. Mandy Beal, At-Large

(2021-2024) Rev. Mandy Beal (she/her) was called as the Senior Minister/Executive of Birmingham Unitarian Church (Bloomfield Hills, MI) in June 2018. She is a graduate of Andover Newton Theological School and trained for the ministry at First Parish in Lincoln, both in Massachusetts. Prior to that, she was a social worker specializing in the administration of workforce development programs. She has also held several Religious Education positions in UU congregations in Texas and Massachusetts.

Rev. Mandy has a deep love of high church and traditional liturgy, but is also committed to worship as an inclusive and transformational experience. She's really into the idea of worship that reaches the head, heart, and soul. She also believes social justice is an essential component of Unitarian Universalism.

Rev. Mandy lives in Brighton, MI with her spouse, Jesse Beal (they/them). Jesse is the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center at Michigan State University. Rev. Mandy and Jesse are currently in the process of adopting a teenager and look forward to sharing more information about their newest family member when the adoption finalizes.

Autumn Mahoney

Autumn Mahoney, At-Large

(2020-2023) Autumn Mahoney lives just outside Detroit, Michigan and has been a member of Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton since 2012. There, she served on the CUUB Board of Trustees for six years, including time as board secretary. She has also been active on the Communications Team and currently serves as the congregation’s technology coordinator. She comes to Unitarian Universalism from a pagan perspective, and grounds her own spiritual practice in a deep connection with the natural world.

Autumn is a computer scientist with a bachelor’s degree from Michigan Technological University. Professionally, she serves as Chief Scientific Officer for a tech company in Ann Arbor. Outside of work, she can often be found inventing in her home lab or mentoring her daughters’ middle-school robotics team.

She is an active social justice activist, focusing most intently on the struggle for transgender rights and equality. Her lawsuit against Michigan’s secretary of state helped lead to increased access to accurate gender markers on drivers licenses, she has fought for increased access to trans-affirming healthcare, and she currently serves on the board of a non-profit that is committed to the empowerment of the trans community.

Autumn sees in Unitarian Universalism great potential for radical inclusion that can continue to deepen through our deliberate, collective work in identifying and pushing back against systems of privilege and division.

McKenna Revel, MidAmerica Region Board Member

McKenna Revel, At-Large

(2021-2022) McKenna Revel is a new member to the Mid-America Board of Trustees, beginning in 2021. McKenna is from Eastern Kentucky, and is currently a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington. She is a Soul Matters facilitator there, and also participated in the Social Justice Book Club and the Cooking Club. Previously, she was a member of the lay-lead Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Madison County, having become a UU at 19. There she served as both Secretary and interim President of the Board, as well as on the Covenant of Right Relations committee.

Professionally she is a criminal defense investigator, and holds a B.S in Social Justice Studies and an M.S in Justice, Policy, and Leadership. She also volunteers with the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, and with the Church of the Larger Fellowship’s Worthy Now Prison Ministry program. She enjoys creative writing and her dog, and is thrilled to join the Board.