This New Year

A hand holding a piece of chalk against a blank green chalkboard, as if poised to write. The hand is pale-skinned, and the part of the arm we see is clothed in a white shirt with cuffs.

Let this year be a clean slate for new beginnings.

I Pray for stamina.
To finish things left uncompleted.
To call on people I neglected last year.

I Pray for courage.
To rally in the cause for peace and justice.
To speak out in support when others remain silent.

I Pray for empathy.
To better understand the pain and suffering of others.
To continue engaging heart to heart.

I Pray for patience.
When seeking resolutions to problems.
When seeking a new beginning after an ending.

I Pray for creativity.
In seeking new meaning in service.
Engaging others in service to the beloved community.

I Pray for peace.
Between friends and families.
Between communities and countries.

All these things I pray for in this time of beginning,
in this new year.