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Propose Nominees from Your Congregation

The Nominating Committee of the MidAmerica Region (MA Region) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) seeks your help. Our committee is seeking candidates for the Regional Board and the Nominating Committee itself. Unitarian-Universalists are committed to a broad range of volunteer leadership. 

We seek to nominate individuals to reflect the full diversity of the Region, especially with regard to historically marginalized communities, but also balancing across size of congregation, lay and ordained, geography, age (including youth and young adults), and gender, among other characteristics. Members in good standing of one of the member congregations of the Region or Church of the Larger Fellowship members residing within the MA Region are eligible to serve.

  1. The Board of Trustees is responsible for governance between annual meetings of the member congregations. There are nine members serving three-year terms. The members are elected directly by delegates at the annual meeting, and they elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer from among themselves. 

  2. The Nominating Committee has seven members serving two-year terms. This committee recruits and nominates volunteers to serve on MA Region’s Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee, Midwestern UU Conference board, and Camp UniStar Board. 

  3. The purpose of the Midwest Unitarian Universalist Conference is to further the interests of Unitarian Universalists and their institutions in the mid-continental states and provinces, to promote, foster and encourage the interests of the UUA, to support those institutions to spread the message of Unitarian Universalism, and to distribute the surplus income generated by funds in trust by Midwest Unitarian Universalist Foundation, a subsidiary corporation. 

Please ask your members and ministers, especially your past General Assembly and MidAmerica Regional Assembly participants, as well as graduates of the Midwest Leadership School, if they will consider serving the MidAmerica Region of the UUA in any of these ways. Please send your suggestions by email (Subject Line: MA Region Candidate Proposal), with email and telephone contact information of proposed nominees, to one of our Co-Chairs: 

Bob Lovell boblovell@comcast.net

Helen Dwyer hdwyer1492@msn.com

We very much appreciate your attention to proposing candidates for MA Region leadership positions. If you do not receive acknowledgment of your candidate proposal from us within two weeks, please email one of us or send again.