Human Condition


American society has acculturated us to ideas about how our bodies should look and function. There are norms for everything from weight to brain functioning. Many of us spend a good deal of time trying to meet these norms in defiance of our beautiful diversity, the many ways human bodies grow, change, adapt, and function. Please join me for a sermon that uplifts and celebrates our bodies and humanity as we find it.

Rev. Sharon K. Dittmar in pulpit

Rev. Sharon K. Dittmar


Reading #442 “We Bid You Welcome”

Opening Hymn #1008 “When Our Heart is in a Holy Place” or #323 “Break Not the Circle”


“Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver


Closing Hymn #203 “All Creatures of the Earth and Sky” or #1007 “There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul”

About the Author

Sharon Dittmar

Reverend Dittmar graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 1997. She served one year as Interim Minister at the Gathering at Northern Hills (Cincinnati, OH 1997-1998), and eighteen years as Minister at First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati (1998-2016). In 2016 she began work as Congregational Life...

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