Long-Term Disability Insurance

Guardian is the carrier for the Unitarian Universalist Group Insurance Plan's (UUGIP's) Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance.

For Prospective Participants

For Participants

For Congregations

In Case of Disability

In case of a disability claim, please contact the UUGIP Administrator (insuranceplans@uua.org).

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Other Benefits Offered along with LTD Insurance

Guardian also provides an Employee Assistance Plan (PDF) to all members enrolled in the life, LTD and/or dental plans.

Help with Health, Family, Legal and Financial issues is available online at IBH WorkLifeMatters and by phone at 1-800-386-7055. The website contains an abundance of helpful information including articles, videos, classes and more. Help is also available by phone and by referral to legal, counseling and other providers.