Long-Term Disability Insurance

Guardian is the carrier for the Unitarian Universalist Group Insurance Plan's (UUGIP's) Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance.

For Prospective Participants

For Participants

For Congregations

In Case of Disability

Learn about the LTD Claim submission process in this document, which also includes the required forms: Your Guide to Filing a Long Term Disability (LTD) Claim (PDF)

LTD Direct Pay Enrollment and Authorization form (PDF)

Need help? Please contact us at insuranceplans@uua.org.

Print-Ready PDFs

Other Benefits Offered along with LTD Insurance

Guardian also provides an Employee Assistance Plan (PDF) to all members enrolled in the life, LTD and/or dental plans.

Help with Health, Family, Legal and Financial issues is available online at IBH WorkLifeMatters and by phone at 1-800-386-7055. The website contains an abundance of helpful information including articles, videos, classes and more. Help is also available by phone and by referral to legal, counseling and other providers.