The UU Organizations Retirement Plan
The UU Organizations Retirement Plan
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations

Acknowledging the inherent worth of every person requires recognizing their needs as they transition and evolve to new chapters in life.  The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) endeavors to ensure that all Unitarian Universalist (UU) employees, in whatever context they may work, have equal access to a fair and reasonable retirement plan so they can provide for their future as well as their present.

Plan Administration

UU Employer/Congregations are responsible for administering the Plan, abiding by all of the provisions of the governing Plan document and their Employer Participation Agreement on file with the UUA, which serves as Plan Sponsor.

  • Stay legally compliant! The Benefits Tune-up Workbook (PDF) (Word) walks you through the basics.
  • UU entities which lack a fully executed Employer Participation Agreement can not offer this employee benefit plan.
  • Existing Employer Participation Agreements are in effect until updated, prospectively, by submitting and receiving written authorization via a new fully executed Agreement for a January 1st implementation date for an upcoming Plan Year, signed by the Retirement Plan Director at the UUA.

Key Items for the Plan's Employers

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Employees of Participating Employers to Review

  • See the Annual Plan Notice link above.
  • Reconsider what additional actions you can take to help ensure your own readiness to retire and live within your means.

About the Author

  • Linda Rose serves more than 600 UU employers who offer Retirment Plans and approximately 4,200 current and former employees who are presently enrolled.

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