Employer Participation Agreement Implementation and Amendments

Newly Participating Employer/Congregations

The date of Plan implementation cannot be retroactive; make a well-considered decision to join the plan, and submit your Employer Participation Agreement several weeks before your intended implementation date.

The Retirement Plan will process your Agreement and send an email confirmation to the Contact Person identified on your Agreement. The confirmation includes information about next steps, including regulations regarding timely remittance of contributions.

Employers Updating Their Participation Agreement

Again, implementation cannot be retroactive. See information above regarding timing and process of submitting the Agreement. See below for implementation steps; employees need not re-enroll.

After Joining the Plan: Employer Implementation Steps

Employer/Congregations communicate the confirmed implementation date and share their Participation Agreement elections with all staff members.

Explain the implications of those elections.

Provide newly eligible employees with the then-current enrollment materials and mandatory disclosures, which are obtained by email request: retirementplan@uua.org.

Designate who will be the Primary Contact to remit contributions.

Begin to remit contributions consistent with the Plan document and your confirmed Employer Participation Agreement.