Sample Adoption/Implementation Calendar for UU Retirement Plan

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Congregations and UUA-related organizations not currently participating in the UU Retirement Plan may request to join the Plan by making a Board decision to adopt the Plan, complete and submit an Employer Participation Agreement to and upon receiving approval via a signed and fully executed Participation Agreement, may begin to implement the Plan on the date approved.

Sample Employer Adoption/ Implementation Calendar



  • The Employer HR/Personnel Committee, Board, Minister, and/or Executive Team review options presented in the Plan and on the Participation Agreement.
  • Decide:
    • Amount of Base Employer Contribution Percentage (required minimum is 5%; the whole % you choose will apply to all your employees who hav satisfied the Year of Eligibility Service(YOES) as defined in the Plan)
    • Whether to Match Employee Contributions (pretax salary deferral contributions via payroll deduction), and if so, to what percentage (may elect whole %, 1-6%)
  • Review options with Staff and address concerns, if any.
  • Seek clarifying information from the UUA Retirement Plan Team


  • Employer Board makes decisions concerning the options listed on the Participation Agreement.
  • Employer Board selects intended implementation date—Start of next Plan Year (Jan 1, 20XX) or start of next Employer Fiscal Year. Implementation dates cannot be retroactive.
  • Employer Board passes Plan Restatement Adoption Motion.
  • Employer Board completes, signs, and submits the Employer Participation Agreement, along with a copy of the signed Adoption Motion to (ten business days before requested implementation date).
  • UUA Retirement Plan Director reviews the documents and if there are no issues, signs and approves the Participation Agreement. Plan Director will send an email acknowledgement along with the fully executed Participation Agreement and next steps.


  • Implementation will occur on the approved implementation date following receipt of a signed and fully executed Employer Participation Agreement.

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